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The majority of Friends groups rely on volunteers to achieve their mission. From running programs and leading hikes, to sending out membership mailings and maintaining trails, there is no shortage of tasks to be completed. But many organizations struggle to attract and retain good volunteers.

PTNY has resources for Friends that will help your group recruit volunteers at your site, host a successful volunteer event, keep volunteers engaged over time, create a formal volunteer program, capitalize on volunteer events such as I Love My Park Day, collect feedback and thank volunteers, as well as turn volunteers into members.

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Friends-to-Friends Workshop: Engaging, Recruiting, and Retaining Volunteers


This second workshop in our 2021 Friends-to-Friends Series dives into best-practices for engaging, recruiting, and retaining volunteers. In this recording, we explore tips and peer-approved examples for capturing visitors’ interest in your site and programming—igniting their desire to get involved, creating successful and worthwhile volunteer opportunities, and maintaining those volunteers over time.

This workshop features insights from Adam Bartoszek, the Director of VolunteerWNY at The Service Collaborative.

Friends-In-Focus: Seven Steps for Creating a Formal Volunteer Program

A formal volunteer program can help give structure to the efforts of Friends groups and create a sense of belonging to something meaningful for volunteers. While not everyone is attracted to a formal volunteer program, for those that are it can promote loyalty, steadfastness, allegiance and faithfulness to the goals of the organization. Committed volunteers will be willing to take on more responsibility and might be interested in serving on the board. Follow these 7 steps to creating a formal volunteer program.

Case study: Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway Adopt-a-Trail Program

The Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway established a program for volunteers to assume responsibility for routine maintenance along the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone who visits. Trail adopters assist OPRHP by committing to a minimum number of work sessions to help with routine maintenance such as mowing, pruning, and litter removal.

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