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 Subject : Could a program be hosted off-site at a partner's location?.. 09/01/2022 09:00:10 AM 
Jonathan Duda
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There is a section in the application to describe the partnership and how working with the partner will help the organization/park/site. We of course prefer to see programs/participants on-site, bringing audiences to these locations. However if a program or event is proposed to occur off-site at another location (whether it be a partner’s site or other location), the applicant should include a very compelling reason why it must occur off-site and clearly demonstrate how the project will directly tie into and benefit the Friends organization/state park/site.

For example: If the Friends of Grant Cottage State Historic Site proposes to develop a program about Ulysses S. Grant in partnership with a local school and brings the program to the students at that school, that would be acceptable.
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