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Successful relationships between your Friends group and facility manager, as well as site staff, are essential to the effectiveness of your group, as they are key partners in your efforts to steward and promote the site. Consistently making sure your goals coincide with what is needed and achievable at your site is crucial to carrying out your mission as an organization that supports, protects, and stewards these public lands.

PTNY has many resources available to Friends for cultivating a positive working relationship with your state park, historic site, or public land management.

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Friends-to-Friends Workshop: The Natural Heritage Trust: What Is It and What Does it Mean for Friends?


This workshop in our 2021 Friends-to-Friends Series explores the Natural Heritage Trust, whose mission is to receive and administer gifts, grants and contributions to further public programs for parks, recreation, cultural, land and water conservation and historic preservation purposes of the State of New York.

The NHT is dedicated to building and sustaining relationships with organizations that share mission compatible goals and purposes--including Friends Groups--and during this workshop, we explore this relationship further and find out what possibilities are available to Friends through this partnership. This workshop features insights from Sally Drake, Executive Director of the Natural Heritage Trust.

Building a Positive Relationship with Agency Partners

Friends groups and OPRHP park and site managers had the chance to huddle up to discuss challenges and opportunities at our Statewide Conference in 2017. From those conversations came some tips to create better working relationships. One common theme that emerged was the importance of positive, frequent communication.

2021 NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Statewide Interpretive Signage Program

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservations (OPRHP) has developed a comprehensive Statewide Interpretive  Signage Program (Program) to help guide the implementation of consistent wayside exhibits throughout all of the State’s numerous parks and historic sites. The primary goals of the Program are to improve visitor experience by providing them with a better understanding of the historic, cultural and natural resources through engaging interpretive signage, and to ensure that all signage presents a cohesive graphic identity throughout the state’s parks and historic site system.

Agency Relationship Resources for Members