Board Development Resources

Developing an active and effective board is an ongoing process. It takes time, dedication and sustained attention to have a productive board that is in good communication with and works hand-in-hand with state park management to achieve agency priorities and establish common goals.

PTNY has many tools available to guide you in developing your board because the health and effectiveness of your board is vital to the success of your Friends group.

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Friends-to-Friends Workshop: Cultivating and Strengthening Your Board


This workshop in our 2021 series dives into best-practices and tips for maintaining and improving the functioning and effectiveness of board leadership. We will examine methods for assessing the functionality of your current board and share strategies to help you strengthen your board to meet your organizational needs over time.

This workshop features insight from Susan Weinrich, Sr. VP, Organizational & Community Development with NYCON (NY Council of Nonprofits, Inc.).

Board Composition Matrix

Understanding your board’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial to maintaining an effective board as it will help you identify what types of new board members to recruit. This Board Matrix is helpful in pinpointing what types of new board members would best serve the  organization. The matrix assesses various attributes, including knowledge of and commitment to mission and organization, talents, specialized expertise and skills, board and leadership experience, influence, contacts, and diversity and representation.

Board Development Resources for Members